Article 1. According to the provisions of the Law on Property of Houses No. 634, the property shall be transformed into a condominium property in the north ………….., the south ……………… The road east …………….., west … …………… Project in the application area … …….. Real estate registered in Parselde is governed by this management plan, without prejudice to the provisions of the law.

Article 2: Real estate of this nature to the property of the floor:

…….. Block ……. Housing

General in general …… housing, common areas and structures.

Article 3. Common addresses for other places and things for joint use, protection or benefits with the places listed in Article 4 of the Condominium Property Law, except for the extensions allocated to the independent sections of the main property.

Article 4. The Management Plan shall also bind residents and beneficiaries for any reason in the third parties and independent sections which will acquire the minor property owners of the main real estate and the independent sections of their inheritors with subsequent sale or any caution.

For the change of the Management Plan, all floor owners have to pay four quarters of the rent.

Article 5. In cases where it is not found in the Administrative Plan, Floor Property Law, Civil Code and other law provisions shall apply.



Article 6 Site Property Ownership of all rights and authorities recognized by the Civil Code’s evidence of evidence on their respective independent sections, provided that the provisions of the Floor Ownership Act and the Management Plan are reserved. Their parts and structures.

a. Co-operative ground floors of multi-storey dwellings may be used as workplaces on the grounds permitted by law,

b. To make materials on the balconies of duplex houses, they can make pergolas to be covered with iron, concrete, wood, plastic and the like and tiles over them;

c. The gardens of the duplex houses are turned into iron, such as a profile, steel mesh. Conservation of protected areas, protection is covered by the duplex housing owner;

D. Duplex houses in the form of a twin block can be combined and used as a single residence;

to. Buildings can not be painted in different colors with different sizes;

f. The Japanese buffet and its surroundings in the middle of the area can be used for engagement, wedding, birthday, cocktail, open-air concert and similar events on the tea garden and above the hydrofoil facility;

g. ……. island, ……. parcel can be given to the island corners by renting a buffet to meet daily needs;

h. Cinema, theater, sports hall, cafe and similar activity restrictions, site owners have established common. It can be operated by Joint Stock Company.

Article 7. The owners of the property shall be entitled to all common places of the premises, according to the provisions of the common property of the Civil Code, and from these places the property shall be entitled to benefit according to the provisions of the Management Plan. In Social Facilities, all kinds of meetings, panels and conferences can be arranged for General Assembly, Site Floor Board, Education and Social. The Social Facility is available for video broadcasts, can be rented.

Article 8. Site owners are obliged to care for on-site maintenance and cleanliness, to protect it, to maintain its beauty and its integrity. Vehicle site for the benefit of site owners. It can not be used in harm’s way.


Article 9 Site owners must comply with their divisions and with the add-ons and, if necessary, common grounds of goodwill. Especially they can not do sub-jobs.

a. They can not use their own independent sections in contradiction to morality and adherence;

b. Carpets, rugs etc. can not be shaved from the balconies and windows of the independent sections, water and other things can not spill, garbage etc. They can not;

c. In common places, cats, dogs, chickens, etc., other than those jointly supervised by the administration. They can not feed animals as well. Radio and musical instruments and other things can not be used to disturb other owners’ property;

D. Additive to independent parts and common places, explosive and stinking additives. Difficulties to shake, smell, smoke, dust, etc. to disturb site owners;

to. In common areas, wood, coal, crate, box, etc. All kinds of goods and articles can not be left.

Article 10. In respect of the above written permission or utilization, it is obligatory that the rights and obligations provided for in the Management Plan and the Condominium Law are fulfilled in the independent sections by the tenants or any other person.



Article 11. 634