• Siyomer

OUR GOAL; Our goal is to provide a successful management service by adding our know-how, application and operation experience in the field of floor ownership and building management.
OUR GOAL; It has the experience of contemporary planning and operating techniques, adding value to real estate with our training staff, our coordinators, our legal and financial advisors.
  • Why  Siyomer A.Ş

In the organizations we work with, we produce and offer measurable and workable solutions that serve your apartments and your site for long or short term purposes. From the point of view of you, the most important achievement of all these services is that you work with a single professional institution to reduce your building and facility management service costs and loss of time to a minimum.
  • Why Professional Management

SİYOMER A.Ş. is continuing its way with professional staff in order to remove the problems arising from the lack of professional management in its working and living areas and to give a reliable approach to the residence, shopping mall, business center, plaza management in Turkey.

  • Why Outsourcing

We are ready to serve you to add value to your business with our staff who are determined to reduce risks to the minimum when you choose a reliable partner in your business that requires outsourcing, management and organization skills. SİYOMER A.Ş continues to develop continuously by utilizing technology and experienced experiences.

  • Our strategy

It is a management consulting company working on customer-oriented principle, knowing the industry well, knowing the expectations of its stakeholders, targeting the highest level of service, having creative human power and using technology well in this direction and aiming to provide efficient and stable service in every field of the real estate value chain. We value, sincerely solve, develop and apply our values. Our strategy; Reliable, fast and creative.

  • Our services

Customer Care, Professional Cleaning, Casco and Traffic Insurance Operations, Real Estate Consultancy Services, Landscape Arrangement, Natural Disaster and Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, Security, Professional Cleaning, Elevator Maintenance and Repair, Heating and Paint Maintenance and Repair, Electrical and Plumbing Maintenance and Repair, Plant Operation and Maintenance, 7/24 Locksmith Service, Life Individual Health and Police.

PK: 34846

  • SİYOMER A.Ş brought transparency, there was a noticeable decrease in the dues, and the collection rate reached to 90% on this account, and we are renewing every year our contract.

  • We have ended our problems with all our troubles, we have reduced our dues and thank you very much to SİYOMER A.Ş family.

  • Our building is old and worn, the management of the aldars, the routine work to be done, the process of urban transformation for our apartment building, the renovation of our building, the consultancy of the apartment board and the lawyers of SİYOMER A.Ş.

  • Obviously they are a bit heavy on purchasing, but they are buying from suitable fiashed, robust and reliable companies, and the process is robust and transparent even if the result is slow.

  • We have been working with 4 different management companies for 5 years, we have had hard days either natural gas or electricity are cut off! We are now comfortable with our memberships, we can follow our memberships on our web site, we fear that extra bills will be settled, we are able to make payments by credit card, thank you very much SİYOMER A.Ş

  • wonderful life just 4 month manegement great organitation, thaks SİYOMER A.Ş