The most important issue in professional management is; Reliable, lawful, institutional and customer-focused in all aspects of life and work. Building and facility management services are our core business.
Our teammates, law and financial advisors, solve the problems of our residents as soon as possible in the work and living areas where we do management service.

WE; Management Consultancy and project management services from the project drawing stage to the construction companies, special consultancy services to floor residents who are not satisfied with the management companies and / or the manager, turnkey installation, personnel and manager training to the newly opened or open management firms and / We provide consulting services.

OUR GOAL; Our goal is to provide a successful management service by adding our know-how, application and operation experience in the field of floor ownership and building management.

OUR GOAL; It has the experience of contemporary planning and operating techniques, adding value to real estate with our training staff, our coordinators, our legal and financial advisors.

If you choose our company as the manager in the apartment / estate / business center, the management of your collective living space will be carried out until the next general meeting within the framework of the duties and responsibilities of the Floor Ownership Law and all related laws, regulations and regulations.

Our business is progeny, the management is prepared by us within 15 days of not taking over.

How your apartment / site costs will be allocated to apartments is planned. It is followed by the debt / receivable status of the floor owners and tenants.

Payments made by the apartments are processed by us on the basis of bank records.

Monthly income, expense and borrower lists are prepared regularly every month and delivered to all floor owners and apartment residents.

If necessary, our unpaid receivables will be processed by our expert lawyers through execution.
Monthly SGK notifications are made for door attendant, heater, night guard and / or gardener’s SGK work entry notifications.

Private security is contracted and followed up with cleaning companies.

In your premises water, electricity, elevator, roof and other common usage areas will be defective and maintenance can be done.

Official documents to be submitted to the District Labor Managements are arranged at the entrance and departure of your above mentioned Apartment / Site service personnel.

Annual ordinary or extraordinary meetings are held in accordance with the procedure. Attention is drawn to the fact that the decisions taken are in accordance with the House Law.

You are contacted with our reliable solution partners about electricity-water installation, elevator problems, exterior and interior facade maintenance and cleaning, cleaning needs.

You are contacted by the insurance companies for the risk situation of your building. Fire tube, fire hose, fire stairs maintenance and inspections are done by us.

The annual leave forms of your staff, your service personnel are prepared and the severance pay fund is set aside.
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