Lease Contract Related Provisions (C) Müstecir’s debts (Tenant’s Obligations): I-Borca necessary to fulfill Tekayyüt in Surrogates: Article 256 – MUSTEC is leased when using the full attention apartment in the operation and apartment iCare in is obliged to perform the duties of the prayers are answered against sitting within the building despite warnings that occur are MUSTEC would the opposition is permanently exposed to this liability or a permanent damage to the leased open to using bad ish O muc they are able to demand the immediate termination of the letting contract with compensation.

If the magistrate is in need of a repair of a miracle, or if a third party claims a right on the merit, The undersigned is obliged to denounce the situation immediately. Otherwise it will be responsible for the damage.

II-Provision of Rent

Article 257 – The Undersecretary shall be obliged to pay the contract at the time specified by the contract or by local custom.

If such a certain time there, letting the six-month statute of limitation of six months or every year for a long while and less per month and have to be given long after the expiry of finally letting the statute of limitation

Müstecirin Death:

Article 265 – Müstecir the death if need heirs should mucu, a period of a year or longer comply with the statutory condition iCare grace, they can denounce the contract without compensation for the nearest time.

Law of Obligations (Relevant Articles) (Provisions on the Proceeds of the Prosecutor)

Hüsnü Suretle Duty of Loss

Article 390 – The liability of the attorney is subject to the provisions of the general liability of the worker. The attorney is obliged to perform a good offense against the client. Proxy, delegate graduate or someone else unless forced by the state care or else the quantity of available substitution in its place there exists müvekkilünbih is compelled to do himself.

Making the Job a Third Person

Article 391 – The agent is liable to act on his behalf when he or she is someone else except his authority.

Chairman, delegate to someone else if that is by competent, it is liable only when using the powers and instructions, while takayyüt and show care. In either case, the client may have any right against the person himself / herself to substitute for the agent on his / her behalf, directly against the person.


Article 392 – The attorney is obliged to give the account of the work which the client has done on the request, and to pay the client what he has received whatever the name is.